Stewardship Ministries

Stewardship Ministries

FINANCE COMMITTEE: With the direction and consent of the Vestry, the Finance Committee manages all of All Saints’ accounting and budgeting.

PERMANENT ENDOWMENT TRUSTEES: Trustees of the All Saints Permanent Endowment Fund are responsible for the solicitation of gifts, acknowledgement of gifts, and management of funds within the permanent endowment. Three trustees are elected from the parish at large, two from the sitting vestry, the Rector serves as a sixth trustee.
Contact: Kathy Dean

The mission of Development and Memorials is to educate and encourage parishioners to participate with their time, talent, and treasure in church activities. This committee has primary responsibility for the every member canvas.
Contact: Greg Moore or Richard Unwin

LONG RANGE PLANNING TEAM: A standing committee of the Vestry, the task of the Long Range Planning Team is to analyze and articulate the vision of All Saints into an action plan for the future. A sub-committee is currently operating to manage an approach to rebuilding our current office, parish hall, and education building.

BUILDING AND GROUNDS: This committee is a sub-committee of the Executive Committee and is responsible for the oversight and maintenance of All Saints’ buildings and property.
Contact: Junior Warden, Jeanann Testyon

ARCHIVES AND RECORDS: This ministry researches the history of All Saints and obtains, classifies, and preserves historically significant records, documents, and artifacts, providing accurate information about the parish’s many accomplishments over the years, and, by honoring the past, strives to promote in today’s congregation a sense of pride in their spiritual heritage.

Space Rental and Event Planning

brion park

Your next event could be held overlooking the New River on All Saints' downtown Fort Lauderdale campus. For more information contact:
Beth Welker
RBL Event Management
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.