Family Strengthening



We strive to make our faith known by our actions as much as by our worship and prayer.

Family Strengthening —Latino families, especially those who have immigrated recently, struggle to keep their families strong and healthy.  El Centro is committed to helping you find the resources and support you need to succeed in this country.

Each One Teach One—In cooperation with St. Ambrose Church, we offer a literacy and English as a Second Langauge program that will help you learn to speak, read and write in English.  Each student is assigned a tutor. Together you decide on a class schedule and meet 2 hours a week.

Food Stamps/Medicaid—we are an ACCESS partner with the Florida Department of Families and Children.  We help you apply for food stamps and Medicaid, and have direct contact with the people in DCF who process your applications.  If you run into difficulties as you apply for these programs, we can help resolve them to ensure that you receive your benefits as quickly as possible.  With us, you will always be treated with dignity and respect.

Social Services Coordination: There are many agencies and organizations in this area that help families when they have problems or special needs.  We have working relationships with many and can help ensure that you can access the support you need.  Organizations we coordinate with and make referrals to include Women in Distress for domestic violence, Kids in Distress for therapy, interventions and special programs for Children, Clinica Luz del Mundo for access to affordable health care, and many others. 

Space Rental and Event Planning

brion park

Your next event could be held overlooking the New River on All Saints' downtown Fort Lauderdale campus. For more information contact:
Beth Welker
RBL Event Management
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