Vision and Mission

The New River Regional Ministry ("NRRM") is a multi-cell, multi-cultural, multi-site outreach ministry that joins All Saints Episcopal Church, St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, and El Centro Hispano de Todos los Santos. Together, we cover a wide swath of South Florida, leveraging the strengths of each organization to create a mutually beneficial, symbiotic relationship. Efficiencies of scale and talent enable us to stretch our ministry much further than we could as separate entities.

We live our faith by uniting our diverse cultural, theological, and social beliefs to offer radical hospitality, generosity, and hopefulness. We strive to create and live in a welcoming, healthy, and healing community that knows no bounds, transformed by our Christian faith and vibrancy.

Initially, the NRRM looked inward to 1) revitalize a congregation in financial crisis (St. Ambrose); 2) respond to the call for a ministry to serve very low income, recently immigrated Latinos (El Centro); and 3) respond to the need for church planting as part of a revitalization and growth strategy and call to mission and outreach (All Saints). Having met those goals, our ministry continued to expand to include a preschool and aftercare program at St. Ambrose, a literacy and English as a Second Language program (Each One Teach One), an Episcopal Church leadership program (Cursillo), an intensive summer reading camp (Aprendo Porque Juego), an afterschool fine arts program, a fund to provide emergency grants for utility bills, rent, medical expenses, etc. (T.R.U.E. Fund), an overflow emergency shelter for homeless families (Beds Around the Altar).

We took this bold step to spotlight the Episcopal Church as a relevant voice in the world. We are looking outside of ourselves for new pathways through which we can share the Light of Christ with others. We will engage and explore new and different opportunities to take our ministry to South Florida.

Our Mission

We live our faith by joining diverse parts of the Episcopal Church in Fort Lauderdale to offer hospitality, generosity and hopefulness in our community

Our Vision

We will live in a welcoming, healthy community transformed by the strength of our faith and our diversity

We hold as core values

o Living our faith in Jesus Christ with joy and courage of Serving
o Practicing radical hospitality
o Engaging in moral discourse
o Sharing our gifts freely, responsibly and creatively, in the manner that best achieves our goals
o Celebrating the beauty of ritual

Strategic objectives for the next two years

Integrate the St. Ambrose Preschool and Centro programs.  This will include forming an advisory board that recruits community leaders who can help give us visibility and marshal resources in support of strengthening and expanding our program.  Point person: Rosa

Develop a communications and marketing program for NRRM: This includes ensuring better visibility for NRRM, opening channels for feedback and dialogue between the NRRM leadership and internal and external stakeholders, "friends of NRRM", and constituencies.  Point Person:  Frank Helsom

Develop a viable fundraising program for NRRM: The traditional annual "all member canvass" is not able to sustain the funding needs of NRRM; this objective intends to develop a new approach to fundraising that more effectively raises the money and ensures we do not cannibalize individual ministries to develop NRRM as a viable ministry.  Point person:  Alex Rudzinski

Transition from "Ad Hoc/Reactive" management of key NRRM "business" functions to intentional process management and focus on best ministry business practices: The most urgent, important business function that must be managed more effectively is NRRM finances.  However, all core processes must be evaluated and transitioned to a process-driven, results-oriented management program.  Point persons: Odalys and Sherod

September 2012

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Space Rental and Event Planning

brion park

Your next event could be held overlooking the New River on All Saints' downtown Fort Lauderdale campus. For more information contact:
Beth Welker
RBL Event Management
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